Who We Support

Sustainability Trust      Logo     http://www.thesustainabilitytrust.org

Prostate Cancer UK                            Logo                http://prostatecanceruk.org/

Pimlico Puffins Swimming Club          Logo                http://www.pimlicopuffins.org.uk/

KidsOut                                              Logo                http://www.kidsout.org.uk/

ShelterBox                                           Logo                http://www.shelterbox.org/

The Sliver Line                                                Logo                http://www.thesilverline.org.uk/



If you would like to get involved in our service projects that benefit the local community, you can lend your support as part of our Rotary Community Corps. This is a group of non-Rotarians who share our commitment to service. Members plan and carry out projects in their communities and support local Rotary club projects. Get in touch via our Club Secretary .


Our first Community Corps project is Let’s Loop Westminster , with the goal to improve the experience for the hard-of-hearing via Hearing Link.