Dear fellow member of the Rotary family, friend of Paddington Rotary Club, or simply visitor to our website,

When I moved to London in 2011, one of my first goals was to find a Rotary Club near where I lived, as I had been a Rotarian for the previous six years. In my experience, Rotary Clubs had welcomed me with open arms wherever I went, and the Rotary Club of Paddington was no different. A small but diverse group of people meeting every Tuesday night to learn new things, to support various charitable causes, and simply to have fun together.

The last two years have been particularly exciting for our Rotary Club. We have celebrated our 90th anniversary and every time I wear the collar with the names of the presidents before me and the years of their presidency, I think of the long tradition [link to Club History page] of this Rotary Club – which is one of the oldest ones in London and in fact the United Kingdom. We have contributed to one of the key aspects of Rotary International: international cooperation to give back to the local communities we are based in. Together with clubs in Italy and other countries, we raised over USD 132,000 to rebuild a vinegar factory, staffed by and benefitting disabled people, in Northern Italy which was destroyed in the 2012 earthquake. I look forward to travelling to Italy with a large group from our club to see what we have helped to (re)build.

But we also support local causes in London. For example, last year we collected GBP 500 during our meetings to support the new enclosure for the Asiatic lions at London Zoo, as my chosen charity in 2013-14. This year, we are collecting for Prostate Cancer UK and hope to raise a similar amount [donation button link]. In addition, we partner with local schools, providing them with illustrated dictionaries and sponsoring two Interact clubs for students aged 13-18 [link to Interact page].

As part of Rotary in London, we regularly meet other clubs at a wide variety of events, for example playing sports or competing in the District “pub” quiz.

If you are looking to make new friends and join an international community, please get in touch to find out what’s on and how you can get involved.

Best wishes,

Mr. Alexander Kopf
Club President 2014-15