La Lucciola Onlus Centre is a non profit centre for treatment and rehabilitation of children aged between 3 and 18 year old who are affected by physical or mental disabilities in Modena, Italy. The Centre is more than 30 years old and is recognised for its innovative approach merging medical treatment with real life activity. A large part of the treatment consists of involving them in team work such as cooking, gardening, house cleaning, animal breeding, learning, playing music, and working in the entire production cycle of Modena’s famous traditional balsamic vinegar production.

The disabled children stay in the Centre during the day. At adulthood, they move to a social cooperative called “ La lanterna di Diogene “, where they work growing, selling fruit and vegetables, as well as working in the associated restaurant.

Unfortunately, the building was heavily damaged during the earthquake in May 2012. The Rotary Club of Carpi in Italy initiated a global grant with the goal of raising USD 132,700 to restore the building so that it could be used again. Funds were raised by 11 Italian Rotary Clubs, in partnership with Chisinau, Moldova, Cholet, France and Nova Gorica, Slovenia. These were matched by District contributions and money from the Rotary Foundation